What is Headwaters Charitable Trust

Mission: We enhance the quality of life of our citizens and work to ensure the future well-being of our land and water resources. We promote economic vitality and human health opportunities that encourage families and businesses to live, work and play in our Pennsylvania communities

The Headwaters Charitable Trust has a considerable history of supporting healthy and sustainable communities throughout Pennsylvania. We are a non-membership organization supplemented by government procurement contracts, private foundation grants, fundraising activities and donations. 

We have a long history of success in meeting community needs. The purpose of The Trust is to shape Pennsylvania’s future by growing charitable capital which promotes social, environmental, and economic health. This is achieved by:

  • Helping people find and fund the causes they love
  • Building strong communities
  • Leading with bold solutions

The Trust’s goal is to provide value for environmental, recreational and agricultural support in the form of green collar jobs in water management, recreational development and agricultural sustainability. This approach creates a ripple effect on economic impact from direct jobs, supply chain jobs and tourism/recreation jobs throughout Pennsylvania.

Our values reflect our commitment to the economic, cultural, and ecologic sustainability of communities. These values include:

  • Communities thrive economically.
  • Communities offer green jobs that allow people to care and provide for themselves and their families.
  • Working lands and communities are recognized as interdependent.
  • Natural, agricultural and cultural heritage will be conserved.

What We Do

At Headwaters Charitable Trust, we believe that ecological assets and communities are interdependent, and our mission is to empower communities to cherish their natural and cultural heritage while also providing them with access to green jobs and fresh, nutritious foods.

How We Do It

We recognize that thriving communities require a healthy environment, and we work to create opportunities for people to connect with and appreciate their local natural resources.

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Why We Do It

We believe that everyone should have the opportunity to experience the physical and mental benefits of outdoor recreation, and we work to create and maintain trails, parks, and other outdoor amenities that enhance quality of life.

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