Financial Stewardship

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Recreation content picHeadwaters Charitable Trust is dedicated to promoting sustainable rural communities by offering diverse programs and initiatives. Our approach focuses on the restoration of land and water, the promotion of healthy foods, recreation, and poverty alleviation. We believe that by generating employment opportunities and funding, we can create a sustainable and livable environment for all. 

One of our primary objectives is to build endowments that will provide perpetual care and management for our various projects. These initiatives include the restoration of streams, the creation of community assets such as trails, and increasing access to healthy foods. Our long-term approach ensures that these projects will have a lasting impact and benefit future generations. 

We are passionate about developing financial and philanthropic investments that support healthy and thriving communities. Our efforts have a direct impact on the local economy, including increased employment opportunities, local labor, material purchases, and tourism. These benefits help to reduce the effects of poverty and improve the overall quality of life for rural residents. 

To achieve our goals, Headwaters offers donor-designated funding opportunities, allowing supporters to contribute to a focus area that matters to them. Our funds are professionally managed, ensuring growth and a sustainable future for our initiatives. With a focus on sustainability and community impact, Headwaters Charitable Trust is committed to creating a better future for rural communities.

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Headwaters Charitable Trust enhances the livability of rural communities by generating employment opportunities and funding through the restoration of land and water, healthy foods, recreation, and poverty alleviation.  We are working on building endowments for the perpetual care and management of many projects and to restore streams and create community assets such as trails and access to healthy foods.

We are committed to building these financial and philanthropic investments that will support healthy and vital communities where we live, work, and play.  Our financial investments have particularly localized benefits including local labor employment, material purchases, increased business sales, tourism, and a reduction in the effects of poverty. 

To create these investments, Headwaters offers a donor-designated funding opportunity that will allow your support to go directly toward work in a focus area that matters to you. Our funds are professionally managed to ensure growth.